Gum Recession

Receding gums around teeth can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Periodontitis
  • Trauma from dentures
  • Adaptive changes to orthodontic tooth movement
  • Traumatic occlusion
  • Habits; nail biting, pencil chewing etc.
  • Other bacterial and viral infections
  • Trauma from history of excessive brushing
  • Anatomical and developmental bone deficiency at the tooth site
  • Muscle and soft tissue traction close to the gum line
  • A thin tissue around the neck of the tooth or implant (higher susceptibility)
  • A combination of two or more of the above factors

Gum recession can be limited to one tooth or implant only, or a number of teeth may have been affected.


In some cases, a gum graft is indicated for the following reasons:

  • Aesthetic correction
  • Prevent/correct root and tooth sensitivity
  • Prevent further progression of the recession and tooth loss
  • Provide good soft tissue support around the neck of the tooth
  • Prevent/correct gum laceration with routine brushing
  • Protect the root surface from wear (root surface is not as hard as the white enamel and can wear down in a relatively short time)

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